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Cabbage Recipes

VEGAN Savoy Cabbage RollsImage by jennconspiracy via FlickrCabbage recipes are at all times nutritive but generally regarded boring recipes. But one should keep in mind that no vegetable is uninteresting but recipes can be boring. It is likely that steamed cabbage may not appear tempting but cabbage recipes made with tomato sauce and other delectable meats are brilliant. Cabbage recipes can be made appealing by several styles of cooking.

This green vegetable contains plenty of vitamins, minerals as well as it is an antioxidant. It is uncomplicated to get it and it fit in your finances as well. If you face difficulty convincing your children to eat their greens, you will not have any problems if you make one of the following tasty crock pot recipes.

Cabbage Roll Recipe

These rolls, which are also known as dolma, are a delicacy in the Middle East and in Eastern Europe. To prepare cabbage rolls in crock pot, you need cabbage leaves that ought to be steamed until tender. For filling, grounded beef and prepared rice are often used.

Combine a beaten egg, quarter cup milk, a thinly chopped onion and some seasoning of salt and black pepper. Place quarter of a cup of the beef mixture on each leaf and roll the leaves, folding from the sides, to give the shape rolls. Arrange them in the slow cooker.
A combination of lemon juice, brown sugar and tomato sauce can be poured above the rolls to add slight piquancy.

Crockpot Cabbage Preparations With Beef

Casserole dishes are all the time filling and tasty and cabbage is generally used to make a nutritional, flavorful casserole dish in the slow cooker. Browned and grounded beef can be added to make the preparation more scrumptious.

Shred a cabbage and chop an onion. Fill the bottom of the crick pot with either tomato juice of broth made up of beef, then place a layer of cabbage, onion and beef on the top of the liquid and season with thyme, oregano, salt and pepper. Layers can be repeated and should be end with the browned beef.

Top layer of casserole can be garnished with one pound of canned tomatoes and little more oregano. Cook on high flame for just about an hour, then mix it. This recipe is perfect if you are going to spent whole day out and you are not certain that at what time you will get house as the casserole can cook for over eight to ten and a half hours and still remain unspoiled. For more cabbage recipes you can look for the world wide web and collect several traditional and nutritious delights.


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