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Tips For Using Candy In Your Baked Goods

Tips For Using Candy In Your Baked Goods
by Criss White

It is tiresome to have to always rely on expensive caterers for a party as they always serve the same things. It is also a challenge to have to think up unusual foods for the party to make it more memorable for everyone who attends it. A good idea is to have an edible baby shower candy cake or birthday cookies with candy imbeds that can be either ordered from a baker or made at home.

One way that bakeshops sell their goods is through their sample baskets and displays on the counters and windows. If one were just starting out on a business involving these then giving samples to friends or making the souvenirs for the baby showers is a good way to sell the talent.

People don't often use candy in their baking because they aren't common cooking ingredients, but they are a unique way to make some delicious sweet treats for family and friends. Because candies are heated before they could be made to completion, they are usually safe inside the oven as well.

Candies can be used as effective cake decorations and embellishments. If you have a plain white cake with frosting, you can easily decorate it with candy. Grab hold of some gummy candies like gummy bears, insects, ribbons or other shapes and use these to decorate the perimeter and the center of the cake.

Choose colors that are complimentary to the color theme chosen for the occasion and choose the forms of the gummies that match the theme you have chosen for the cake. Gummy ribbons and licorice sticks come in several flavors and colors and these can be plain fruity flavors or sour ones.

To make a basket, arrange the ribbons alternately to get a basket weave effect. Surround the sides of the cake with these ribbons, do not be scared they will fall apart for the icing can hold on to them like glue and if there is doubt just pin a lollipop or a thin toothpick to keep the ribbon in place. To make handles, simply thread a ribbon with floral wire and shape.

Once the basket is done, get all sorts of candies, wrapped individually or not, and just place them inside the space of the basket. Any candy will do, even lollipops. There are also gum paste flowers that can be used if you want to achieve that exotic look, or just look for floral shaped candies to stick inside. Add green gummy ribbons and cut to shape leaves and stick in the spaces as accents.

This floral basket is a great cake that is easy to make and delicious to look at. If that is not the look that you want to achieve, just decorate a plain iced cake with any candy that you desire, and you will still have a great delicious looking cake.

You can also use chocolate to give your baked goods extra flavor. Cut up some baby shower chocolate cigars or some peanut butter cups, and you can use these to sprinkle around the perimeter of a chocolate or cream based cake. These can also be used in place of chocolate chips in cookies, particularly as the chocolate from chocolate cigars are usually of higher quality. Other fun baked treats to experiment with using candy are muffins, pastries, and even pies.

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